To Eat and Drink

Gloriously and wonderfully, two book bloggers have come up with drinks and foodstuffs to accompany the Empires of Dust series. Bake, mix, sit back and read….

The Speculative Kitchen bakes curd cakes:

“We’d buy bread, if you have some,” he said simply. “Milk, if you have that. Or just water.”

“Sweet water or salt?” she said in response, and laughed a harsh laugh. “You’re in luck, for I have milk, and bread, and curd cakes hot from the oven. If you’ve money for it.”

The Spectulative Kitchen’s selkie’s curd cakes

The Tome and Tankard mixes a strong, sour lemon cocktail for The Court of Broken Knives…

Muttering. The audience began to disperse. Three men exchanged money between them, obviously settling bets. The sweet-seller jingled his tray enthusiastically; one man bought a bag of preserved lemons with his winnings and wandered off chewing, his lips puckered with the taste. They looked like good lemons. Orhan bought a bag and offered one to Amlis. The salt-and-sour might disguise the smell of onions. The rich golden yellow of their skins made him think of the victor’s hair.

The Tome and Tankard’s preserved lemon drop cocktail

…and a sweet milk-honey-whiskey morning sother/evening relaxer for The Tower of Living and Dying

‘A statue spoke aloud, today, in the Great Square,’ said the older woman. ‘A statue of Turnain the Godking. Milk and honey ran from its eyes and its mouth. It spoke in praise of the king.’

‘What did it say?’ the younger woman asked. Her eyes went dreamy, thinking about it. A moment of splendour in her foetid life. She was only perhaps as old as Landra Relast.

‘Milk and honey flowed down from its eyes and its mouth,’ the older woman replied. ‘People caught it in their hands, said it was sweet to drink. Nane elenaneikth , that’s what they say it was saying. Joy to Him.’

The Tome and Tankard’s Nane Elenaneikth (Joy to Him)