FantasyCon 2017 Schedule

FantasyCon 2017 is almost upon us. My favourite weekend of the year. And here’s my schedule. I’m being made to work pretty hard this year. But I’ve got a new pair of shoes and a new frock to flounce around in.

Ready, Steady, Flash – Friday  6.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Lee Harris (mod)

Anna Smith Spark, Jeanette Ng, Guy Adams, David Tallerman

In which four writers each have FIVE MINUTES in which to write a short story based on a phrase given to them by the host. The catch? They don’t know what the phrase will be until they sit down to write! The audience chooses the winning story from each round.

I have no idea why I’ve let myself in for this.

Writing Fighting! – Friday 7.30pm (Panel Room 2)

David Tallerman (mod)

Anna Smith Spark, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Simon Bestwick, Stewart Hotston

Whether you’re writing a combat scene on a spaceship, in a vampires tomb, or amidst a desperate battle, you want your readers to care about the outcome, right? Our panel will discuss the fine balance between action accuracy and communicating seat of the pants sensation.

Reading – Saturday 4pm (the Sandringham room)

I’ll read either a section from Broken Knives or my short story from the forthcoming charity anthology The Art of War from Booknest.Eu

What is and What isn’t Grimdark? – Saturday 6pm (Panel Room 1)

Susan Bartholomew (mod)

Adrian Tchiakovsky, Anna Smith Spark, Anna Stephens, Harriet Goodchild, Ed Mcdonald

‘Grimdark Fantasy’ is a subgenre concerned with the gravel and grit of war, but is that all there is to it? Our experts discuss what makes Grimdark more than a catchy name and what makes a story part of this group.

Constructed Languages in Genre Fiction – Saturday 8.30pm (Panel Room 3)

Anne Lyle (mod)

Anna Smith Spark, David Stokes

The use of invented languages has been a staple of genre fiction for a long time, but why use them? What do they add to the tapestry of Fantasy, the allure of alien worlds or the cryptic mystery of the monstrous. Our panel discuss languages they admire and the languages they have invented in their work.

Given I’ve now got four of the buggers. You can work out what some my characters’ names mean in multiple languages by book three. Honest. Doing that gave me a migraine, though.

Fantasy – Beyond the Binaries – Sunday 11.30am (Panel Room 2)

Ginger Lee Thomason (mod)

Anna Smith Spark, R. J. Barker, James Bennett, Pat Cadigan, Russell Smith

Some Fantasy is about simplifying the world into two sides, on a number of levels. Our panel will explore what new territory lies beyond these polarities, looking at characters, plots, morality and philosophies that take us towards new questions about the human condition.

And then collapse with a three-course FantasyCon banquet. Any offers of chocolate during the weekend welcome.

FantasyCon 2017 is in Peterborough, UK this weekend, 29th September to 1st October.

The Court of Broken Knives