‘Thalia’ by Stas Borodin

‘The Gates of Arunmen’ by Stas Borodin


‘Killing and killing and so much joy’ by Quint VonCanon

‘A sword that shines like all the stars and the moon and the sun’ by Quint VonCanon

‘Dragon killer’ by Quint VonCanon

‘I know how to kill dragons’ by Dejan Delic

‘But there is pleasure, is there not, in being loved by a king?’ by Dejan Delic

I will live, and live, and live.

A rational man, but a guilty one.

(From an original photo by Oliver Facey,

‘Is he not beautiful?’ by Quint VonCanon

Darath Vorley

‘Joy’ by Quint VonCanon

The journey to Malth Salene’ by Stas Borodin

‘Prince of Ruin’ by Stas Borodin

‘Dragon Killing’ by Stas Borodin

‘Dragon Path’ by Quint VonCanon

‘Flowers’ by Stas Borodin