Grimdark Magazine issue 11

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Grimdark Magazine Issue 11

Grimdark Magazine is easily my favourite regular read (closely followed by Ancient Warfare Magazine and Medieval Warfare Magazine – I do sometimes wonder if I should branch out and develop other interests in life*). So you can imagine my joy when editor-in-chief and all-round lovely guy Adrian Collins approached me about an interview. And here we are: GdM #11, with my name on the cover. Hurrah!

As well as a in-depth trawl through the darkest recesses of my writing mind – you want to know what the single greatest night of my life was? I reveal all inside – there are short stories from both my fellow Queen of Grim Deborah A. Wolf and Charles ‘Cthulhu Armageddon’ Phipps, an interview with Brent Weeks, and a review of Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister. What more could you possibly want?**

You can enter this wonderful world of grimdark gloriousness from by clicking here:

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The Court of Broken Knives


*That’s a lie.

** Yes, I agree, that would be cool. But I don’t think Amazon would agree to ship it. Also, Adrian probably doesn’t want that level of hassle from the police.