Leona Henry (Grimdark Alliance) – ‘On a par with R. Scott Bakker’.

Michael R. Fletcher (Beyond Redemption) – ‘All hail the queen of grimdark fantasy!’

Christian/Miles Cameron (Alexander God of War, The Tyrant series, the Traitor Son Cycle)  – ‘Gritty and glorious! A great read’.

Adrian Collins (Grimdark Magazine) – ‘Anna Smith-Spark writes in a unique voice with such pace and veracity your imagination has to struggle to keep up with your eyes’.

Adrian Tchaikovsky (Arthur C Clarke Award winner for Children of Time, The Tiger and the Wolf, Shadows of the Apt) – ‘Fierce, gripping fantasy, exquisitely written; bitter, funny and heart-rending by turns’.

Marc Turner (Chronicles of the Exile series) – ‘Captivating’.

Rob Matheny (The Grim Tidings Podcast)  – ‘The Court of Broken Knives encapsulates everything I’ve come to know and love about Grimdark – with added severity and a fresh voice. I have extremely high hopes for Anna Smith-Spark, and this first volume will not disappoint. From the beginning the series looks to be just as brutal as it is breathtaking. Do not miss this series.’

Matthew Summers (Smash Dragons) – ‘Anna Smith-Spark is the adrenaline shot that fantasy needs. Dark, imaginative and razor sharp, her work is the best thing I’ve read in years’.

Steve Poore (The Heir to the North/The High King’s Vengeance) – ‘Prose that demands at sword-point to be performed at full volume.’

Rjurik Davidson (Unwrapped Sky, The Stars Askew) – ‘Lyrical, dramatic, dark – Anna Smith-Spark is a brilliant new voice in fantasy’.


Goodreads reviews for The Court of Broken Knives