Grimdark Magazine

A quarterly ezine for and about grimdark fantasy and science fiction.  Short stories, reviews, interviews.

Grimdark Magazine

The Grim Tidings Podcast

Fantastic weekly podcast interviews authors, publishers and other associated dark-hearted types from the world of grim.

The British Fantasy Society

Long-running organization dedicated to all things fantastic, weird, horrifying and strange. Runs the annual British Fantasy Awards and UK Fantasy Con.  Reviews, interviews, news.

Harper Voyager

Broken Knives publisher. Also publish a couple of other obscure authors like GRRM, Lord Grimdark, that thorns guy and that chap who categorically doesn’t have a thing about goats.

Fantasy Faction

A massive site for all things fantasy related – reviews, news, articles, interviews and a discussion forum. Even sell their own dragon branded hoodies.

Fantasy Faction

Michael R. Fletcher: The Doppels Have Escaped the Basement. The Mirror is Empty

Mike’s Beyond Redemption is one of the few fantasy novels that has almost made me vomit. And weep with laughter. At the same time.

Marc Turner

Marc is the author of the rather super Chronicles of the Exile series. Book two is called Dragon Hunters. You can’t really find much that isn’t positive to say about a book called Dragon Hunters, now, can you?

Black Gate

Reviews, stories, interviews, articles, blogs, news – a fantasy magazine for all aspects of life.

That Thorn Guy

Mark Lawrence fan site with regular competitions, interviews with new and established authors and some lovely fan art.

Leona’s Blog of Shadows

Grimdark fantasy orientated book blog.

Sol Invictus

Superb dark industrial folk music. Album The Blade is the official Broken Knives soundtrack.